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Wellness Resources

As a parent, you are normally the first person to notice emotional and/or behavioral concerns with your child, but it is important that you contact a professional if you feel that he/she is experiencing severe and/or chronic distress.  School professionals may also contact you regarding behaviors they consider concerning.  Seeing a health professional can help.

Here are some issues that may be difficult for a child or family to cope with on their own:

  • School stress; bullying, test anxiety, peer pressure
  • Family Stress:  Death, birth, moving, separation & divorce, change in living situation
  • Excessive worry, fear, obsessive / compulsive behaviors
  • Hyperactivity, inattention that interferes with learning
  • Anger issues, extreme defiance, extreme tantrums
  • Hurting animals, threatening or hurting others, bullying behavior
  • Alcohol, drug use, promiscuity, sexualized behavior
  • Hostility towards authority figures, burglaries, truancy, fire setting and/or property damage
  • Depression, suicidal ideation, self injury, mood swings
  • Withdrawn, Lack of appetite, negative attitude, sleep issues
  • Social issues, not connecting with peers, isolated, not picking up on social cues

Below is a list of resources you may use to find help for you child.  Or call you insurance provider for a list of providers in the area that accept your insurance. You may also speak with your pedicatrician as they should be aware and may recommend options for you child. 

24 Hour Mobile Mental Health – Crisis Hotline 1-888-750-2266
Information and Referral Number Dial 211
Crystal Run – Behavioral Health Services  845-333-2233
Orange Regional Counseling   845-333-7800
Access Counseling   888-750-2266
Valley Behavioral Health 845-291-7480
Mental Health of Orange County  845-294-7411
Windsor Counseling  (Middletown Office)   845-342-0114
Orange County Associates  845-670-5410
Behavioral Health Services of Orange County  845-260-6492
Orange Counseling Services 845-262-2233
Center For Stress Reduction 845-291-0999
Minisink Psychology and Psychotherapy    845-624-2994