Sample Messages, Letters and General Information

During a pandemic the community will need to get as much information as possible on how it will affect them. Whether this information is regarding the education of their children, the proper planning recommendations for a pandemic or the care of sick family members, the district can play a critical role in educating the community. The following information is contained in this plan and should be utilized as needed during the appropriate pandemic alert level:



Sample 1 School Closing Message

Sample 2 Press Release -“Schools Remain Open”

Sample 3 Press Release –“Schools Closed”



Parent Letter #1 – Prevention Letter

Parent Letter #2 – First Bird Case

Parent Letter #3 – First Pandemic Flu Outbreak

Parent Letter #4 – School Closure

Parent Letter #5 – School Reopens



Handout “A” – Pandemic Planning Tips for Parents

Handout “B” – Pandemic Flu Planning Checklist for Families

Handout “C” – Red Cross Home Care for Pandemic Flu (English and Spanish)

Handout “D” – Seasonal Flu and Pandemic Flu Comparison

Handout “E” – Pandemic Influenza Historical Information