Student Education Continuity

As a result of increased pandemic flu activity it may be necessary to close schools for a period of time, possibly up to 12 weeks. During this time the continued education of students must be considered. At this time there are no concrete plans for the continued education of students during a school closure. District staff responsible for student educational needs are currently determining the proper course of action to be taken in the event of a pandemic flu school closing.


Although not fully determined at this time, there are several methods to consider as possible education resources for home bound students:

  • Internet based courses.
  • Channel 20 broadcasts.
  • Correspondence courses.
  • Pre-determined work assignments (Based on marking periods and relative to the current pandemic flu progress).
  • Phone “hot line” question and answer sessions.


In the event of district wide school closings consideration must be given for appropriate teacher staffing levels to accommodate the method or methods of student education selected. As with staffing levels for other critical components for the district during a pandemic, appropriate teacher staffing levels must be determined and plans made for acquiring and maintaining these levels.


Consideration may also to be given for possible reduction or elimination of scheduled spring and summer recess in order to accommodate educational needs.