How to Use the Pandemic Flu Plan

Step One:

Prior to any reports of increased pandemic flu activity, review all information contained in this plan in order to designate key personnel and or teams for support roles and to become familiar with actions to be taken during increased alert levels. Particular attention should be paid to the section entitled Pandemic Response Planning Considerations.


Step Two:

As the threat of a pandemic flu begins to develop, review the World Health Organization (WHO) Alert Phase Chart on page 122 for a short description of the current alert phase.


Step Three:

As cases of pandemic flu increase based on current information from NYS health officials, the Orange County Department of Health and the World Health Organization, a decision will be made by the superintendent of schools, in consultation with the Orange County Health Department, on the appropriate District Pandemic Alert Level (Green, Orange, Yellow or Red). The district alert level would typically fall in line with the current WHO Alert Phase.


Step Four:

After determining the appropriate District Pandemic Alert Level (Green, Orange, Yellow or Red) the applicable Pandemic Response Actions will be initiated as directed. Additionally, all administrators will review the section of this plan entitled Pandemic Response Planning Considerations and implement applicable actions.