The Enlarged City School District of Middletown’s resources will support the Emergency Response Teams and the Post-Incident Response Teams in the affected school(s) by supplying trained Health & Safety technical support and other professionals as needed. Assistance is also available via the Risk Management Office of Orange/Ulster BOCES at 781-4887.


The District Superintendent’s office, in coordination with the Director, Special Services, will coordinate Disaster Mental Health Resources, in support of the Post-Incident Response Teams, in the affected school(s) by requesting implementation of the County of Orange County-Wide Response Plan if necessary.


Two appendices follow this page in the Recovery Section of this document. The first document appended is from the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) Multi- Hazard Program For Schools. It asks the thought provoking-questions which need to be considered before an incident occurs. It lists 4 steps to be taken that have been formulated after numerous school tragedies occurring around the country have been analyzed by Trauma Psychologists. The second is the County of Orange document entitled “County-Wide Response Plan To Sudden Child/Adolescent Death”. The County- wide Response Plan was developed to provide guidelines for school administrators and clinical personnel in preparing for and reacting to the sudden death of a student, faculty member or staff member. This plan provided strength and guidance during events on a large scale; specifically, the tornado at East Coldenham Elementary School, Valley Central School District, and a Monroe-Woodbury bus accident which resulted in the death of a student. Following these events, the knowledge and insights gained by the individuals who dealt with the aftermath of these tragedies were incorporated into the County-wide Response Plan. These documents have been incorporated in the BOCES – wide Safety Plan to help administrators to learn from the painful experiences of the past and serve to guide staff, students and families through crises which may arise in the future.