Incident Command (District Level)

Chain of Command

General Staff: [redaction]

Command Staff: [redaction]


District Command Post

The district level command post will be utilized during an area wide crisis that affects multiple school buildings or when the scope and severity of the incident dictates a district wide response. The district command post may also be utilized as a district emergency operations center to provide resource support to district buildings during a crisis.


Location: The primary command post for district wide emergencies or incidents will be located in the Buildings & Grounds conference room at the Central Administration Building. The alternate command post will be located in the Presidential Park Elementary Technology conference room.


Resources: The primary command post will have access to all Building Level Safety Plans, District Wide Safety Plan, land line communications, computers, transportation, radio and television broadcasts and emergency supplies. This area will also typically maintain adequate cell phone signal for use with district cell phones.


Operations: Access to the command post during an emergency will be strictly limited to those personnel either on the Incident Command list or who play a role in managing the crisis and have a need for access.


Access to the command post from non-district personnel, such as police, fire and EMS representatives, will be through the Buildings & Ground delivery entrance behind the Central Administration Building.


Building Response Teams

The key to a successful response to an emergency is by providing well trained and motivated personnel to act as a Building Response Team. In order to meet the emergency needs of the students and staff in the District each school will establish and maintain a Building Response Team. This team should be comprised of a cross functional group of staff members who will perform certain functions and tasks during an emergency. The Building Response Team will be comprised of seven smaller elements referred to as “units”. Each unit performs specialized tasks as dictated by the nature and or scope of the emergency. The following units make up the Building Response Team:

  • Communications Unit
  • Supply Unit Medical Unit
  • Shelter/Release Unit
  • Search & Accountability Unit
  • Buildings & Grounds Unit
  • Safety Unit

Appendix “K” contains basic operational instructions for each unit. These operational instructions should be used to conduct training for team members and as guides during drills or actual emergency situations. Appendix “L” contains forms that could be useful in helping team members perform their assigned unit tasks.


Coordination with Local and County Agencies

Coordination with local and county agencies is an on-going effort through events like table-tops and District and/or Building Level Safety Committees. This District-Wide Safety Plan has been distributed to all concerned Police and Fire Agencies throughout our District. Due to confidentiality, Building Level Plan specific items are covered with these agencies at Building Level Safety Committee Meetings.




 9-911 on-campus

911 off-campus