Implementation of School Security

School building security measures already implemented include: Entrance restrictions: all main entrances are posted with security staff, and visitor sign-in procedures established.


Perimeter Security: All exterior doors in schools will be kept closed at all times and only one visitor entrance utilized per building. All buildings should be conducting interior and exterior checks of their building in order to deter and detect unauthorized activity.


Emergencies: Handheld metal detectors have been purchased by the District to assist law enforcement if a threat is leveled against our schools and the need to conduct random searches should arise. School Security Aides are positioned at various locations around the district and in the schools based on identified needs. School Resource Officers, if provided, in addition to providing additional security for their assigned building, also have the ability to quickly respond to emergency security needs in our other schools as directed by their police supervisory staff.


Security Cameras: The District recently installed a comprehensive video surveillance system that provides camera coverage for all buildings. This system is designed to be used to deter and detect unauthorized activity as well as to provide documentation for both criminal and civil actions.


Staff Identification Badges: All staff personnel are issued a picture type identification badge. These ID badges must be worn at all times while on-site to identify them as District Employees. Currently this program is managed under the cognizance of the Director of Technology.