Security Personnel

The district recently converted a number of monitor positions to School Security Aide positions. The information below provides a general overview of duties, hiring and screening practices, and required training.




The position of School Security Aide was created by the district to provide schools with a trained security professional who can conduct security operations in a more efficient and effective manner in order to help create a safer and more secure environment for students, staff and visitors to our schools. The creation of these positions also meets current state requirements as imposed under the NYS Security Guard Act and addresses concerns brought forth by a recently conducted district wide security audit.


Minimal Hiring Requirements: Prior to employment as a full or part time School Security Aide, candidates must take and pass a School Security Aide Exam administered by the Middletown Civil Service Department. In order to be eligible for this exam, all candidates must have taken and passed the NY State 8 Hour Pre- Employment Security Guard Course.


Upon appointment to the position all personnel must take and pass the NY State 16 Hour “On the Job Training” Course for Security Guards. They must also submit an application for their NY State Security Guard License. Those personnel denied a Security Guard License by NY State will no longer be eligible for employment.


Duty Requirements: All School Security Aides are issued a “School Security Aide Handbook” designed specifically for School Security Aides employed by the Enlarged City School District of Middletown. This book provides information on a variety of security related duties and requirements. 


Click School Security Aid Handbook to view its contents.