District Programs Utilized By Our District to Prevent Violent Behaviors and Develop Better Character Traits

No Putdowns - This new and exciting program will have an impact on our school community and within the homes of each student. The goal of this ten week project is to teach children to recognize and understand the effects of putdowns. Children will develop strategies for reducing their own use of putdowns and responding to others putdowns appropriately.


Two weeks will be devoted to each of the following:

  • Think About Why
  • Stay Cool
  • Shield Myself
  • Choose A Response
  • Build Up


Peer Mediation - The use of mediation in schools has emerged across the nation and in other parts of the world as an alternative means of dealing with student conflicts. It has been recognized that certain components of the mediation process such as communication, neutrality, empowerment, and confidentiality, are useful in allowing students to resolve their own problems. The district has been utilizing the services of the Dispute Resolution Center to conduct training for students to sustain a peer mediation service.


After School Programs - These programs are designed to assist students who are in need of academic assistance. A structured routine provides a safe, caring and supportive environment. After School Programs are an integral part of each principal’s program. (EDI – Extended Day Institute)


MAC (Middletown Athletes Care) - This program is a multi-modal approach

to drug prevention through education and peer leadership training. High School

students are tasked with forming a team of role models to raise awareness of positive

life choices through outreach activities and advertising campaigns. The peer leader’s

high level of social competency and decision making skills will bring to the community

(at large and intra-school) a message of encouraging drug free life styles and choices.


General Character Building Initiatives – Throughout the district, schools

are utilizing a variety of methods and tactics to improve and build character in students

through the use of classroom instruction and the recognition of students caught in the

act of doing good deeds. The district has initiated a program called PBIS Positive

Behavioral Interventions and Supports. This program develops school wide systems

that assist staff in teaching and promoting positive and appropriate behavior in all



Safe Schools/Healthy Students Grant – The district was recently awarded

a federal grant that focuses on improving the safety, security and general well being of

the students in the district through a variety of programs and initiatives. Using on site

assistance, student education, and agency referrals, students are given access to a

variety of community based public service organizations. These organizations include:

  • The Alcoholism & Drug Abuse Council
  • Big Brothers Big Sisters of Orange County
  • Occupations Inc.
  • Dispute Resolution Center
  • Middletown Cares Coalition
  • Middletown Parks & Recreation Dept.
  • Orange County Probation Dept.