Anti-Gang Program

Gang affiliation is destructive to a healthy school environment. Members of gangs are more likely than other students to carry weapons and engage in acts of violence. The NY State Police, Troop F, along with local police will be utilized to provide information and training of both staff and student populations in matters related to gang activities. SRO’s assigned to the district have also been a valuable asset in the development of gang awareness and prevention programs. SRO’s have been conducting training sessions for both students and staff throughout the District on gang related subjects which has aided in the recognition of gang related gestures and dress. The district has also, in cooperation with Middletown Police, utilized recognized gang experts to provide awareness presentations for staff and local community members. The district has begun utilizing local police to conduct an education program called GREAT, Gang Resistance Education and Training. This program is targeted for elementary and middle school students and is designed to keep children from becoming involved with gang activities.