Items to Always Consider:

a. Maintain confidentiality within the limits of legal guidelines and statutes.

b. Adequate communication reporting procedures considering input from both District officials as well as local public safety agencies. Standard procedures will include definitions of pertinent information and how and where information can be distributed.

c. Consider establishing a properly staffed, confidential hotline for reporting issues of harassment, safety, vandalism etc. If answering machines are used, calls need to be retrieved in time to effectively address threats of violence. Aggressively advertise the hotline number to students and parents/guardians in student handbooks, on posters throughout the school, on pencils, student IDs, lockers, etc. Parents and students should also be advised when to use 9-1-1 rather than the hotline.

d. Incident Commanders and their immediate assistants must be trained to recognize whether reports of threats or acts of violence are false and/or malicious. Should there be any question, utilize proper authorities to assist in your assessment, i.e., police authorities.