Emergencies, accidents, and violent incidents in our School District are critical issues that must be addressed in an expeditious and effective manner. In an effort to address these issues, the Enlarged City School District of Middletown has developed this District-Wide School Safety Plan to prevent or minimize the effects of serious violent incidents, accidents, or emergencies, and facilitate the coordination of the School District with local and county resources in the event of such incidents, accidents, or emergencies. The District-Wide School Safety Plan is responsive to the needs of all schools within the District and is consistent with the more detailed Building Level Safety Plans. We, as a District, stand at risk from a variety of acts of violence, injury, natural and technological disasters. To address increased threat levels as this point in history, the State of New York has enacted the Safe Schools Against Violence in Education (SAVE) law. Project SAVE is a comprehensive planning effort that addresses risk reduction/prevention, response, and recovery with respect to a variety of emergencies in the School District and its schools. Since the initial version of this Plan, the Office of Homeland Security was established in 2003. This office reports directly to the President and is the authority in regards to nation-wide emergency response. Also established over the few years is the Counter-Terrorism Group, Region 4, which directly governs actions in severe emergency situations which affect the areas of Orange, Rockland, and Sullivan Counties. Recommendations and requirements from these organizations which affect this District will be included in future updates to this plan.


Another valuable source of input to this plan is via annual reviews conducted by our liability insurance carriers as well as annual fire, and visual/structural inspections.


Our original Safety Plan was developed with the assistance of the Orange-Ulster BOCES Risk Management Department, the District-wide School Safety Team, and Building-level School Safety Teams. The information was compiled based on previous safety plans and documents created by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) utilizing components from FEMA E362, the Multi-hazard Safety Program for Schools, as well as documents from the FBI Bomb Data Center, NYS EMO, NYS Police, NYS Center for School Safety, and NYS Education Department. Additionally, this Plan complies with Governor Pataki’s Executive Order # 26 which requires all agencies, including School Districts, to use the Incident Command System (ICS), as developed by the National Interagency Incident Management System, for all emergencies.


Annual updates to this plan are made based on guidance from the New York State Education Department, New York State Police, New York State Office of Homeland Security and the New York State Emergency Management Office. Through the New York State School Safety Program these agencies have identified “best practices” that are recommended for incorporation into school safety plans.