Elementary all-county musicians

Posted by Kevin Witt on 3/29/2022 10:45:00 AM

The 2022 Orange County Music Educators Association recently announced its elementary orchestra, band and choral ensembles and Middletown was well-represented.
Congratulations to the following Middletown student-musicians. We will share photos of these musicians as soon as possible:

Twin Towers Orchestra
Radha Pierre (Cello), Maximiliano Rodriguez (Cello), Dean Lucas (Cello)

Twin Towers Band
Bella Francis (Trombone), Alivia Cordova (Alternate Percussion)

Twin Towers Chorus
McKenzie Douet, Da'Nise Redrick, Akari Asan, Jaime Rendon Zenteno, Mateo Lepore, Olivia Reiser

Monhagen Chorus
Amayah Alvarez, Daniella Johnson, Nidhyanna Robertson, Jahzara Sanchez

Monhagen Orchestra
Giselle Campos (Viola), Chinelo Eze (Violin), Emily MacKay (Cello), Ryan Pham (Violin), Brianna Morris (Alternate Violin)

Maple Hill Chorus
Kassidy Perez, Saoirse McElroy, Maleana Diaz

Presidential Park Chorus
Zoey Lawla, Annabelle Craig, Victor Leguillow, Elani Blanco, Leighann Jansen

Presidential Park Orchestra
Heather Checo (Violin)

Carter Chorus
Sage Baez, Alani Lynn, Addison Strenfel