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MBK and WEMP senior recognition

seniors and mentors
Our graduating seniors and program mentors pose for a photo

Middletown High School's My Brother's Keeper and Women's Empowerment Mentoring Programs recognized our graduating seniors, as well as their mentors in the high school's capstone room.

Our My Brother’s Keeper Program (MBK), in alignment with President Obama’s 2014 MBK Initiative, is in its third year at Middletown High School and is an unique opportunity for mentorship with young men of color. By way of deep dialogues and reflection, as well as activities to build self-esteem and self-advocacy, young men are mentored by Middletown staff and community members to stay on track. Through MBK mentorship, young scholars are guided to think about and plan for their futures more broadly as well as enhance their college &career readiness skills for their post-graduation pursuits. Brotherhood and community service are the central components of this program’s mission to develop young men into their fullest and best selves.

Our Women’s Empowerment Mentoring Program (WEMP) is in its inaugural year and is the“sister program” to Middletown’s My Brother’s Keeper(MBK) Program. It is a mentoring opportunity between young female scholars at the Middletown High School and staff within the Enlarged City School District of Middletown. Through small group discussions and special guest presentations, this program aims to provide young ladies with a support system to navigate academic, social and emotional challenges as well as be a source of motivation in their current and future endeavors. Emphasis is placed on building peer-to-peer relationships while reinforcing interpersonal skills, effective communication,seeking and accepting guidance as well as building community.