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Congratulations, new retirees!

retirees 2021

The Middletown school district's new retirees were honored with gifts and a small reception at the June 17 Board of Education meeting.

We congratulate the following people, thank them for their long service to our district and wish them a happy retirement!

Thomas Scott, Superintendent Buildings and Grounds

Mary Jane Crescenzo, Senior Account Clerk
Brian Ross, Head Custodian
Rosemary Saddlers, Teaching Assistant
Patricia Depew, Food Service Helper
Kathryn Taylor, Teaching Assistant
Nelson Reed, Security Aide
Diana Tennant, Science Teacher 7-12
Victoria Hazel, ESL Teacher K-6
Nancy Peteani, Keyboard Specialist
Barbara Cournoyer, School Nurse
Nedhy Sawyer, ENL Teacher
Commander Andrew Wall, NJROTC teacher
Connie Duczeminski, English Teacher
Myriam Velez-Pettit, Special Education Teacher
Natalie Navarra, Guidance Counselor
Judy Hulse, Special Education Teacher
Doris Lipari, Bilingual Teacher
Nancy Fernandez, Bilingual Teacher
Cathleen Byrne, Elementary Teacher
Patricia McGorry, Elementary Teacher
Frank Woodward, Physical Education Teacher
Louise Kirkwood, Elementary Teacher
Bridget Curley, Elementary Teacher
Cheryl Decker, Special Education Teacher
Celieia Pimentel, Teacher ESL 7-12
Helene Rielly, COTA
Marcella Lord, School Monitor
Susan Washburn, Clerical
Coley Taylor, Head Groundskeeper
Izabel Wulf, Confidential Secretary to Superintendent