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OCMEA honorarium high school all-county chorus

Congratulations to the following Middletown High School students, who were named to the Orange County Music Educators' Associaton "Honorarium" roster. Each of the students is either a Senior, or has prior All-State, Area All-State, or All-County experience. This is strictly an "Honorarium" designation for this year, as there will be no festival or further obligations for learning music or rehearsing for this school year:
Shannon Kelly (Soprano)
Emily Figueroa (Soprano)
Hannah Naraindutt (Soprano)
Kaelyn Cintron (Soprano)
Kayla Hunter (Soprano)
Anastasia Yupa (Alto)
Gianna McGrath (Alto)
Gracelynn Osei-Bosompem (Alto)
Samantha McElroy (Alto)
Stephen Yupa (Tenor)
Nathan Ropchock (Tenor)
Joseph Mazza (Tenor)
Elijah Cruz (Tenor)
David Atakora (Bass)
Malachi Newbern (Bass)
Dionte James (Bass)
Tyler Washington (Bass)