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Congratulations, tenure recipients

congratulations message


 The Middletown school district was thrilled to grant tenure to administrators and teachers at the June 17 virtual Board of Education meeting. While the usual celebration didn't exist due to the pandemic, this is a tremendous accomplishment that should be recognized!
 Congratulations to the following tenured professionals:

 Karina Acevedo (MHS Dean of Students)
 Norval Connell (MHS Instructional Leader)
 Elizabeth Rodriguez (Carter Assistant Principal)
 Kathleen Jensen (Carter Principal)
 Wendy DeGeorge (Carter Assistant Principal)
 Elissa Schreiner (Monhagen Dean of Students)
 Alison Conrad (MHS Bilingual)
 Amanda Schreiber (MHS Special Education)
 Sean Sweetser (MHS Technology)
 Jessica Guthrie (MHS Mathematics)
 Brian Bartolo (MHS Special Education)
 Vincent Barone (MHS Social Studies)
 Lori Calvin (MHS Science)
 Joelle Price (MHS Technology)
 Deonna Gould (Twin Towers ELA)
 Patricia Guerrieri (Twin Towers ESL)
 Kimberly Fox (Twin Towers Elementary)
 Caitlyn Schmitt (Twin Towers Elementary)
 Barbara Blanco (Twin Towers Elementary)
 Caitlin Sheldon (Twin Towers Health)
 Amanda Cappa (Twin Towers Music)
 Julie Buesing (Twin Towers Foreign Language)
 Carolyn Nasr (Twin Towers Science)
 Gina Sylvester (Monhagen ELA)
 Marty Hodulick (Monhagen ESL)
 Caitlin Piperato (Monhagen Mathematics)
 Jessica Vellardito (Monhagen Special Education)
 Emily Soper (Monhagen School Media Specialist)
 Tara Markle (Monhagen Special Education)
 Meaghan Ferris (Carter Speech)
 Michela Rohr (Carter ESL)
 Siobhan McCullagh (Carter Elementary)
 Monica Mueller (Carter Elementary)
 Lisa Crispino (Presidential Remedial Reading)
 Stephanie Humbrecht (Presidential ESL)
 Sarah Worthy (Presidential ESL)
 Amy Marion (Presidential Elementary)
 Julie Davis (Presidential Elementary)
 Nancy Hamilton (Presidential Elementary)
 Jessica Olson (Presidential Remedial Reading)
 Arielle Bing (Presidential Elementary)
 Alyssa Lustenring (Maple Hill Elementary)
 Jillian Malvey (Maple Hill ESL)
 Stephanie Burke (Maple Hill Elementary)
 Alexandra Finnie (Maple Hill Music)
 Amanda Price (Maple Hill Special Education)
 Barbara Sfugaras (Maple Hill Remedial Reading)
 Jessica Lebron (Maple Hill Elementary)
 Thomas Sprague (Maple Hill Annex Special Education)