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"I am Middletown"--Engy Mikhail

engy mikhail


“I am Middletown”

Welcome to our long-time feature, which gives people in the Middletown school district a chance to meat and learn about the scholars in their community. We asked each scholar 10 questions, and the answers combined create a mini-profile about their lives. So what does “I am Middletown” mean? We cannot be defined by one or two words. Everything about all of us makes us unique, and that uniqueness makes us Middletown.

Meet Engy Mikhail, a William A. Carter Elementary School fifth-grader who is in the National Elementary Honor Society.

Her three favorite movies: “’Home Alone,’ ‘Descendants’ and ‘Little Rascals.’”

What makes happy: “When I am with my family.”

Her three favorite television shows: “’Loud House,’ ‘Stuck in the Middle’ and ‘SpongeBob.’”

Her favorite part of school: “Recess, because I have fun with my friends.”

Her proudest school moment: “When I got into National Elementary Honor Society.”

What makes her unhappy: “When one of my family members is upset.”

If she had $1 million: “I would donate most of it to kids who have cancer.”

Her hobbies: “My hobby is to do crafts.”

Her greatest accomplishment: “That I made it in the honor society.”

On her bedroom walls: “I have artwork from the past years.”