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MHS Robotics team

robotics team

Names from left to right: Sean Sweetser (Pr-Engineering Teacher), James VanKallen, Joshua Hynds, Kevin Lindemann, Manuel Soto , Tomi Abiodun, Daniel Boye and Cerima Thomas (Robotics Teacher)


On Saturday, October 12, the Middletown High School Robotics team (Middiebots) was invited to participate in the 1st annual Hudson Valley Technology Festival Hackathon at Mount Saint Mary College in Newburgh. We joined an important conversation on the second day of the event and together explored the problem of the day; how do we develop and retain technology talent in the Hudson Valley region?

Our students were faced with the challenge of designing a solution to the problem of the day and present it to all the stakeholders. The stakeholders included representatives from Corporations, Government, Institutions of higher education and other school districts.

The Middletown High School Robotics team came up with a great solution and pitched an innovative Makerspace where youth from the age of 6-18 would come to learn about technology in a fun and hands-on environment. Their solution included a computer application designed by our students during the session and a virtual model of the makerspace.  

The highlight of the day came after all the teams presented, our lead presenter Kevin Lindemann received an award for being one of the best presenters of the day.