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Sojourner Truth awards at SUNY Orange

Middletown students will be honored at the 29th annual Sojourner Truth awards ceremony, which will be held at 6 p.m. on March 8 in the SUNY Orange Physical Education Building.

The ceremony recognizes the achievements of deserving Orange County youth who are traditionally under-represented in the college population. The program is a celebration of youth, accomplishment and culture. See photos from the event.

Kara Abiodun (Twin Towers Middle School), creative arts; Jason Albanez (Middletown High School), mathematics; Matthew Allen (Middletown High School), citizenship; Bianca Amabile (Monhagen Middle School), foreign languages; Arlene Arenas (Twin Towers Middle School), citizenship; Abmarie Arroyo (Middletown High School), mathematics; Zariyah Ashton (Monhagen Middle School), citizenship; David Atakora (Twin Towers Middle School), creative arts; Fernando Barrales (Twin Towers Middle School), citizenship; "Bryan Barrales Aleman (Monhagen Middle School), mathematics; Jasmin Bell (Monhagen Middle School), creative arts; Ahmad Black (Middletown High School), mathematics; Deja Bowen (Middletown High School), citizenship; Nicolas Bowman (Middletown High School), perseverance/effort; Tate Brenner (Monhagen Middle School), perseverance/effort; Cecil Brownridge (Middletown High School), athletics; Mikayla Bulson (Middletown High School), mathematics; Kelly Caguana (Twin Towers Middle School), English language arts; Aamir Castillo (Middletown High School), perseverance/effort; Israel Castillo (Middletown High School), mathematics; David Castillo Trujillo (Middletown High School), mathematics; Hakim Chambers (Middletown High School), diversity; Matthew Charles (Monhagen Middle School), citizenship; Stephen Charlot (Monhagen Middle School), mathematics; Terrence Christian (Middletown High School), perseverance/effort; Brianna Christian (Twin Towers Middle School), mathematics; Marcello Citriniti Priest (Twin Towers Middle School), citizenship; True-Allah Clark (Middletown High School), perseverance/effort; Bless Clarke (Middletown High School), perseverance/effort; Ayana Collins (Middletown High School), perseverance/effort; Kayla Consiglio (Monhagen Middle School), perseverance/effort; Daniela Corano (Middletown High School), mathematics; Natalie Cunningham (Monhagen Middle School), citizenship; Maya Davila (Middletown High School), perseverance/effort; Anaia Dawkins (Twin Towers Middle School), technology; Itziar De'Clavijo (Middletown High School), perseverance/effort; Augustine DeLeon (Monhagen Middle School), mathematics; Aziz Devlin (Middletown High School), perseverance/effort; Darius Edwards (Middletown High School), citizenship; Faustina Elia (Middletown High School), mathematics; Tanya Esquivel Zamudio (Monhagen Middle School), mathematics; Alejandra Esquivias (Middletown High School), perseverance/effort; Reneah Fedelicio (Middletown High School), mathematics; Sean Ferranti (Monhagen Middle School), mathematics; Madison Figueroa (Middletown High School), creative arts; Emily Figueroa (Twin Towers Middle School), technology; Julia Fitzgerald (Middletown High School), mathematics; Scott Franco (Middletown High School), mathematics; Lexavier Galarza (Monhagen Middle School), citizenship; Janela Garcia (Monhagen Middle School), English language arts; Joseph Garcia Rivera (Twin Towers Middle School), English language arts; Karoll Gonzalez Herrera (Twin Towers Middle School), perseverance/effort; Sergio Gonzalez Monroy (Monhagen Middle School), perseverance/effort; O'Naliea Grant (Monhagen Middle School), creative arts; Cameron Green (Middletown High School), mathematics; Alexandra Greve (Middletown High School), mathematics; Juan Guerrido Jr. (Monhagen Middle School), perseverance/effort; Maria Guzman Rivera (Middletown High School), perseverance/effort; Nathan Halsey (Middletown High School), mathematics; Elisha Hodges (Middletown High School), perseverance/effort; Caitlin Irizarry (Middletown High School), mathematics; Michael Jimenez (Monhagen Middle School), citizenship; Miguel Jimenez (Monhagen Middle School), citizenship; Keisha Johnson (Monhagen Middle School), perseverance/effort; Gracie Jones (Middletown High School), mathematics; Arriana Kerr (Middletown High School), mathematics; Oluwasayo Kumapayi (Twin Towers Middle School), perseverance/effort; Debora Leighton (Monhagen Middle School), citizenship; Alexis Lopez (Middletown High School), technology; Krystian Lopez (Middletown High School), mathematics; Karla Lopez (Monhagen Middle School), perseverance/effort; Katie Lynch (Middletown High School), mathematics; Sydney Magrane (Middletown High School), mathematics; Citlalli Marin (Middletown High School), mathematics; Sebastian Marquina (Middletown High School), mathematics; Keyara Maxwell (Middletown High School), athletics; Jayden McKane (Monhagen Middle School), citizenship; Jaemiee McKnight (Monhagen Middle School), creative arts; Orlando Mendoza (Monhagen Middle School), perseverance/effort; Jean Mendoza-Ortiz (Middletown High School), mathematics; Alexa Moncada (Monhagen Middle School), mathematics; Jason Montano (Monhagen Middle School), citizenship; Tyshawn Moody (Middletown High School), mathematics; Edgar Morales (Monhagen Middle School), diversity; Catalina Naizaque (Twin Towers Middle School), sciences; Luis Narvaez-Sanchez (Twin Towers Middle School), sciences; Nariyah Nelson (Monhagen Middle School), citizenship; Aicha Niane (Twin Towers Middle School), foreign languages; Olivia Noel (Monhagen Middle School), diversity; Daisy Ann Norman (Middletown High School), mathematics; Bria Oatman (Middletown High School), athletics; Jalissa Ocasio (Twin Towers Middle School), mathematics; Kaley Odle (Monhagen Middle School), perseverance/effort; Richard O'Leary (Monhagen Middle School), citizenship; Mia Olvera Santiago (Monhagen Middle School), perseverance/effort; Brian Ortiz (Monhagen Middle School), perseverance/effort; Litzy Ortiz-Ramales (Middletown High School), citizenship; Melissa Parker (Monhagen Middle School), citizenship; Joshua Pierro (Monhagen Middle School), perseverance/effort; Jordyn Primus (Monhagen Middle School), citizenship; Alexander Quinones (Monhagen Middle School), citizenship; Thanisha Raj (Monhagen Middle School), creative arts; Bryan Ramos (Middletown High School), mathematics; Nazareth Richardson (Middletown High School), citizenship; Juliana Richardson (Monhagen Middle School), perseverance/effort; Angelina Rodriguez (Middletown High School), citizenship; Xavier Rodriguez (Monhagen Middle School), citizenship; Shawn Rosa (Middletown High School), athletics; Roger Rosas (Monhagen Middle School), citizenship; Eduardo Salinas (Monhagen Middle School), citizenship; Carlie Salomon (Middletown High School), mathematics; Joshua Sam (Middletown High School), mathematics; Sisa Sarango Quizhpe (Twin Towers Middle School), perseverance/effort; Arianna Saverino (Middletown High School), mathematics; Darius Sheppard (Middletown High School), mathematics; Emmanuel Soriano (Twin Towers Middle School), creative arts; Collin Strauch (Middletown High School), mathematics; Joshua Suarez (Monhagen Middle School), citizenship; Brayan Suquilanda (Monhagen Middle School), citizenship; Amiya Swift (Twin Towers Middle School), English language arts; Ayden Tietze (Middletown High School), mathematics; Alexander Torres (Middletown High School), mathematics; Ociana Torres Cabal (Monhagen Middle School), perseverance/effort; Andrew Torres Laboriel (Monhagen Middle School), perseverance/effort; James VanKallen (Middletown High School), mathematics; Gabriella Vazquez (Monhagen Middle School), English language arts; Erik Zapata-Marin (Monhagen Middle School), creative arts; Stanley Zhen (Middletown High School), mathematics; Shareef Zil (Middletown High School), citizenship; Allison Zuclich (Middletown High School), mathematics.