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"I am Middletown"--Dajahne Saddler

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"I am Middletown"

Welcome to our regular personality profile, which gives people in the Middletown school district a chance to meet and learn about their students. The answers to these questions create a mini-profile of their lives.

Meet Dajahnae Saddler, a Twin Towers Middle School eighth-grader.

Her hobbies: "Piano, viola, cello, varsity swimming, dance, gymnastics, acting, modeling and photography, among other activities."

Her hidden talent: "Traditional belly dancing, which is a great workout and full of culture and fun."

Her inspiration: "Jesus, the son of God, inspires me because he is the only man on the face of the earth who has never sinned and is 100 percent holy."

If she could trade places with someone for one day: "I would trade places with Annie LeBlanc, because she's a great role model and I would love to see what "Hollywood life" is really about and what it's like. I also am a big fan of her and her friends and would love to meet them, too."

Three places she wants to visit: "Thailand, Brazil/Portugal and India."

The talent she would most like to have: "Great contortion skills."

What she likes the most about herself: "What I like the most about myself physically is my natural hair and, non-physically, my big bold and intelligent personality."

What people say about Middletown that isn't true: "People say Middletown is 'ghetto,' 'ratchet,' 'poor,' and many other things along that line. But if Middletown was really all of those things, we wouldn't have all these amazing clubs, programs, grants and opportunities."

Her greatest accomplishment: "Seeing that I had made it on a box for a bead kit as one of the models. Ever since the photo shoot, we kept looking to see if it was in the store yet. One day, we walked in and I made it on the box. I was so proud of myself."

One thing people may not know about her: "That I'm a big fan of sports, very interested in gaming and really into politics."

Her three favorite TV shows: "'Andi Mack,' 'A Girl Named Jo' and 'Atypical.'"

In 10 years she'll be: "I'll either be finished or finishing my last years of college and pursuing my career as a director, producer and writer or film and music. I will own my own production company and teach music and theater part-time."