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"I am Middletown"--Anthonia Witter


"I am Middletown"

Welcome to our regular personality profile, which gives people in the Middletown school district a chance to meet and learn about their students. The answers to these questions create a mini-profile of their lives.

Meet Anthonia Witter, a Carter Elementary School fifth-grader.

Her hidden talent: "I can move my knuckles."

If she could trade places with somebody for one day: "I would trade places with my Mom."

On her bedroom walls: "I have certificates."

The last good book she read: "'Judy Blume.'"

The talent she would most like to have: "Cheerleader."

Her three favorite movies: "'The Incredibles,' 'Max 2' and 'Max 1.'"

Her proudest Carter moment: "My honor society certificate."

Her greatest accomplishment: "Getting into honor society."

If she had $1 million: "Give to my family. Give to the poor."

What makes her happy: "My family and Sweet Frog."

Her three favorite TV shows: "'Knight Squad,' 'Henry Danger' and 'SpongeBob.'"

If she were President: "Give money to the poor, and let everybody come to America."