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Five MHS students earn seats at convention

youth in gvt 2019


Five Middletown High School students were voted into "office" at the recent Youth-in-Government Steering Convention at Newburgh Free Academy.

Middletown was one of 10 schools at the convention, and brought 25 students who were among the 200 who attended. During the convention, students campaigned and delivered speeches with hopes of gettting elected for federal, state and local positions.

Middletown's Daisy Ann Norman was elected Congresswoman. Andrea Cortes was elected Assemblywoman. Fanta Wague was elected Attorney General. Anastasia Acerno and Christopher Padilla were elected Chairwoman and Secretary, respectively, in charge of running the entire convention. These elected students won a day trip to Albany in May and will meet the people who actually hold those positions.

Also attending the Newburgh convention were Myles Charles, Jimena Vincente, Jairo Santos, Jasmine Agosto, Stephanie Perez, Courtney Mapp, Dejane Monaque, Katelyn Rodriguez, Cynthia Rodriguez, Sara Shannon, Luis Hernandez, Alyssa Delgado, Daniel Osipov, Emily Gonzales, Jaquelinne Mercado, Jonah Martinez, Kevin Hyppolite, Kristian Frohberg, Okira Sangare and Stephany Grande.

The Middletown High School community is incredibly proud of the accomplishments made by Youth-in-Government.