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"I am Middletown"--Noopur Patel


"I am Middletown"

Welcome to our regular personality profile, which gives people in the Middletown school district a chance to meet and learn about their students. The answers to these questions create a mini-profile of their lives.

Meet Noopur Patel, a Maple Hill Elementary School fifth-grader.

Her proudest Maple Hill Elementary School moment: "When I got a 4 on my MAPS in ELA and math, so I know that I have improved a lot."

If she had $1 million: "I would spend it on college."

If she were president: "I would make laws that are fair for the whole country."

The last good book she read: "'One For The Murphys,' by Lynda Mullaly Hunt."

Three places she wants to visit: "California, Switzerland and Greenland."

Her favorite part of school: "ELA."

If she could trade places with someone for one day: "Taylor Swift."

What makes her unhappy: "When someone tells you that you can't do something, but you feel that you can do it."

What makes her happy: "Getting 3s and 4s on my tests."

In 15 years she'll be: "I'll be a doctor helping people survive."