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"I am Middletown"--Catalina Naizaque



"I am Middletown"

Welcome to our regular personality profile, which gives people in the Middletown school district a chance to meet and learn about their students. The answers to these questions create a mini-profile of their lives.

Meet Catalina Naizaque, a highly motivated Twin Towers Middle School eighth-grader.

Three places she wants to visit: “I want to visit Italy, Hawaii and Bora Bora.”

Her music: “My favorite type of music is R&B and rap.”

The last good book she read: “’A Long Walk to Water,’ by Linda Sue Park.”

Three famous people she would invite to dinner: “I would want to invite artist Julius Dubose, Symere Woods and Brad Pitt.”

What she likes the most about herself: “I really like how long my eyelashes are.”

Her three favorite movies: “I really don’t have favorite movies, but I like ‘Hush,’ ‘The Purge’ and ‘World War Z.’”

One thing people may not know about her: “Some people may not know I’m Colombian.”

What makes her happy: “Running makes me happy.”

What makes her unhappy: “I dislike when people lie to me and people that hate on my accomplishments.”

Her three favorite television shows: “’Grey’s Anatomy,’ ‘Once Upon a Time’ and ‘The Walking Dead.’”

In 10 years she’ll be: “I’ll be a neurosurgeon.”