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WEdnesday Family Night

WEdnesday Family Night

Our WEdnesday Family Night events continue to grow into a great monthly event for our K-12 scholars and their families, coming off the December 6 event at Middletown High School.

Attendance was well over 100 as families had an opportunity to see and experience different aspects of our programming, with our MHS scholars leading the way on computer science and other STEM topics.

The night also offered a chance to ask questions regarding Special Services, the Parent Portal and our Bilingual, ENL and World Languages programs - and these tables are planned to be there at each of these monthly events. We also try to be helpful, providing childcare.

The Food Service salad bar was one of the highlights of the night, as the department offers meals similar to those the scholars receive during the academic day.

The event had a very hands-on feel, with coding, robotics, creating circuits and eSports, along with a chance to experience a tech lab. Our young scholars learned from those at MHS how, by mixing certain ingredients, they could create slime. There was a space where teachers shared digital resources for academic success, along with sensory spaces for those who needed a break.

Click here to see photos from the evening