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NJROTC Awards Ceremony

Group photo at the NJROTC Awards Ceremony

On Wednesday, June 14, the Middletown High School NJROTC had their annual Awards Ceremony. The ceremony honors all of the achievements and hard work put forth by the cadets in the last year, including over 1500 collective volunteer hours. Congratulations to all, and good luck to the graduating cadets!

Click here for a photo gallery of the event.


Award Results

Raul Torres Citizenship Award - Cadet Juan Gonzaelz Serrano

American Legion Post 151  Scholastic Medal and Ken Hayes Award - Cadet Aiyana Taylor  

Sons of the American Legion Scholarship - Cadet Shade Diaz 

American Legion Military Excellence Medal - Cadet Neida Montoya Gonsalez

Joseph C. Gilliam Award - Cadet Aiyana Taylor 

Daedalian JROTC Achievement Award - Cadet Roxanna Clauson 

Military Officers Association of America - Cadet Aiden Cody

Military Order of the Purple Heart - Cadet Killian Mullins

Military Order of the World Wars - Cadet Jarius Fontanez 

National Sojourners Award - Cadet Raymond Zayas 

The Navy League of the United States Theodore Roosevelt Award - Cadet Juan Gonzalez Serrano 

Surface Navy Association Stephen Decatur Award - Cadet Jesenia Jackson and Cadet Antony Gonzalez Serrano

National Naval Officer Association NJROTC Award - Cadet Alice Martinez 

Duty-Honor-Country Award - Cadet Mekhi Wilson

Military Order of the Red Fox - Angel Olmos 

Non-Commissioned Officers Association Award - Cadet Genesis Campos

Scottish Rite Award - Cadet Deandre Olive 

American Veterans JROTC Award - Cadet Valerie Lopez


Unit and Individual Awards

Marksmanship Team Award - Cadet Cydney Diggs 2nd Place Marksman at the Camp Perry Open match.


Athletic Team Awards

Rancocas Valley HS NJROTC “March Madness” PT Postal

Cadet Neida Montoya #1

Cadet Magali Delarosa

Cadet Mekhi Wilson #1

Cadet Raymond Zayas

Cadet Valerie Lopez

Cadet Ashley Quintero

Cadet Edward Moscatiello

Cadet Jarius Fontanez

Cadet Antony Gonzalez

Cadet Cydney Diggs


Unit Achievement:


J. Gonzalez

J. Hernandez

E. Ramirez

D. Olmos

G. Campos

V. Lopez

Ana Martinez




E. Moscatiello

H. McNamara

A. Martinez

J. Britto

M. Citriniti

G. Marrero



R. Clauson

A. Cody

A. Olmos

J. Robinson

R. Zayas

A. Gonzalez

K. Mullins

M. Wilson



NS 4

A. Taylor

N. Montoya

Unit Service Award - Juan Gonzalez, Edward Moscatiello, Alice Martinez, Marcello Citriniti, Aiden Cody, Raymond Zayas, Ashley Quintero Neida Montoya, Aiyana Taylor 
Distinguished Cadet:


Genesis Campos


Cassidy-Maye Hogg


Aiden Cody


Neida Motoya



Honor Cadet:


Juan Gonzalez


Edward Moscatiello


Raymond Zayas


Aiyana Taylor



Yadira Balbuena

Aspirant, US Army

Sara Calle Alvarado

College for Business

Kyle Cox

Aspirant, US Air Force

Shade Diaz Caba

SUNY Orange, Early Childhood Development

Brian Johnson

Computer Science Studies

Neida Montoya Gonzalez

US Marine Corps

Christopher Newton

SUNY Orange, Economics

Abigail Rodriguez

Aspirant, US Marine Corps


Aiyana Taylor

Fayetteville State University, Sociology