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National Honor Society Inducts the Class of 2024

National Honor Society Inductees

As the school year winds down on the Class of 2023, the Class of 2024 stand ready to fill their shoes. The National Honor Society Induction Ceremony on the night of May 2 displayed that sentiment clearly. It was also the first ceremony to honor both the inductees and graduating class at once since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic.


Ms. Younghans and Ms. Yourman with the leadership board

The National Honor Society is a nationwide organization of scholars that celebrates scholarship, service, leadership, and character. Members of the NHS volunteer their time throughout the school year for good causes, all the while exercising their potential to grow as leaders. The graduating class' activities in the last year were summarized with a photo and video compilation shown at the ceremony. Some of their many volunteer activities included helping at animal rescues, the Family STEM Night at Maple Hill Elementary School, the Middletown City Clean Up, the Senior Living Center, the Warming Station, the Breast Cancer Walk, and shoveling snow. The pictures and videos displayed not only their dedication to service, but also the immense amount of fun they had in the meantime.


Scholar with her honored teacher


Ms. Jayme Sweet gave the Keynote Address, giving the departing scholars advice and well wishes for thefuture. The scholars were then introduced one by one with their future plans and each presented a letter of thanks to two honored teachers or special guests. After rounds of hugs and handshakes between mentors and pupils, the Class of 2023 left the stage and attention turned to the incoming class.


The inductees lined up to sign the membership scroll. After they gathered on stage, each held a candle to symbolize the light of eternal knowledge. Once the Class of 2024 was officially inducted into the National Honor Society, both classes left the auditorium for the reception. Friends, family, and teachers came with "congratulations" and cameras. The days until graduation are counting down for our seniors, but our juniors' adventure is only just beginning.


Congratulations to the graduating class, and good luck to the new members of the National Honor Society!


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