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Yessenia Ortiz Awarded With Student of the Month

Yessenia Ortiz, her mother, the Board of Education, representatives of the Elks Club, and faculty of the high school.

At the January 19 Board of Education meeting, the Elks Club recognized Middletown High School Freshman Yessenia Ortiz with the Student of the Month Award! In the short time she has been in high school so far, Yessenia has already demonstrated great commitment to her academic success.


The 2022 Cohort Principal Elissa Schreiner presented the award, noting Yessenia's excellent character and leadership skills. Her diligent work ethic in her first semester resulted in marked improvements in her academic standing. Yessenia is also known as kind, bright, and upbeat to both her peers and her instructors, and they are looking forward to seeing her grow as a scholar and leader in the next four years.


Congratulations to Yessenia for a wonderful start to her high school career. And thank you to the Elks Club for recognizing excellence in our school community!

Cohort Principal Elissa Schreiner presenting award to Yessenia Ortiz Yessenia Ortiz and her mother