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Elementary STEM Night

Gymnasium at STEM Night

Over 100 families attended Elementary STEM Night on December 9 at Maple Hill Elementary School! There were multiple activities for scholars and their families to engage in to test their knowledge, problem solving, and critical thinking skills, as well as games, giveaways, and snacks.


Families gathered in the cafeteria for cookies and hot chocolate before getting a run down of the night’s activities, and being introduced to the interpreters available to assist if needed. They were also able to get information about the Parent Portal as well as English Language Learners (ELL) programs and support.


First on the agenda was a trip to the gymnasium where teachers and student volunteers from the middle schools and high schools set up computer programs and Bee Bots. The scholars were given the task of giving the little bee robots directions to get across the map. This allowed them to understand the basic concepts of coding. Families could also take fun pictures in the “Selfie Corner” with STEM-themed signs!


Meanwhile in the library, the scholars had a blast with sensory activities. They could make their own miniature snowman using Play Doh or by moving around snowman accessories in a bag. Scholars could play games and collect small toys to take home. Families were able to enjoy the library’s activities throughout the evening while the classrooms had their own activities.


The classroom STEM activities utilized all sorts of materials to make learning fun! Dominos, playing cards, beads, and blocks were used to help scholars practice grade level appropriate addition and multiplication. They were also given copies of the game directions and materials to take and play at home!


STEM Night concluded with a raffle to give away games and books. There were so many prizes available it’s believed every student was able to go home with something they liked. There are so many pictures from the night, click this link to see them all!