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I am Middletown-Ethan Brown

Ethan Brown


“I am Middletown”

Enjoy this personality profile, which gives people in the Middletown school district a chance to meet and learn about their scholars. These scholars chose their questions, designed to create a mini-profile of their lives.

Ethan Brown is a Carter fifth-grader who is a National Elementary Honor Society member.

His hobbies: “Basketball and video games. I picked video games and basketball because my dream is to be better than Michael Jordan. I picked video games because they are fun, and there are so many games you can play.”

Three places he wants to visit: “Los Angeles, North Carolina and Japan.”

The last good book he read: “It was ‘The Baby Sitter Club.’ I liked the book because it was very funny, and the pictures were cool.”

Three famous people he would invite to dinner: “Kobe Bryant, Michael Jordan and LeBron James, because they can help me get better at basketball.”

His three favorite movies: “‘Black Mamba,’ ‘Die Hard’ and ‘007.’”

His greatest accomplishment: “Making 10 points in a basketball game, and playing ‘Mufasa’ in ‘The Lion King.’”

One thing people may not know about him: “I love history.”

One thing that makes him happy: “Eating food.”

One thing that makes him unhappy: “When people do things that are not smart.”

His favorite part of school: “Math.”