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Tenure recipients honored

mhs tenure

Congratulations to the following tenured teachers and administrators, who were honored at the June 16 Board of Education meeting. These employees received tenure during the 2021-22 school year. The above photo is of those who received tenure from Middletown High School:

Christine Donohue, School Guidance Counselor, MHS
Jessica Diaz, Special Education, MHS
Rachel Koontz, Instructional Leader - Special Education, District
Kara Smith, Remedial Reading, Carter
Christina Dillon, Elementary, Carter
Jodi DeYoung, Special Education, Monhagen
Victoria Hill, Elementary, Maple Hill
Mark Rolon, Speech/Hearing, District
Susanne Driscoll, Principal, Maple Hill
Alyssa Marren, Social Studies, Monhagen
Jessica Harris, Special Education, Maple Hill Annex
Stephanie Niknam, Elementary, Carter
Melissa Gualano, Elementary, Carter
Shannon Leiper, Elementary, Presidential Park
Joanne Scialabba, Special Education, Twin Towers
Fred Merritt, Dean of Students, Twin Towers
Samantha McGregor, Special Education, MHS
Eric Hipsman, School Guidance Counselor, MHS
Elizabeth Mateer, Mathematics, Twin Towers
Samantha Grieco, Chemistry, MHS
Kevin Papageorge, Mathematics, MHS
Mackenzie Gage, Physical Education, MHS
Jeffrey Bouck, Music, MHS
Brittany Tresch, Social Studies, MHS
Bridget Costello, Special Education, MHS
Elizabeth Bedford, Remedial Reading, MHS
Claire Anglin, Foreign Language, MHS
Carrie Regan, ELA, MHS
Nicole Kammer, Special Education, MHS
Morgan Ivich, Special Education, MHS
Rachel Reed, Physical Education, Twin Towers
Telma Koch, Foreign Language, Twin Towers
Fiona Ward, ESL, Twin Towers
Thomas Atwell, Health, Monhagen
Emily Meehan, Elementary, Maple Hill
Kathleen Ellsworth, Elementary, Maple Hill
Samantha Faskowitz, Elementary, Maple Hill
Cynthia Benitez, Elementary, Maple Hill
Sarah Sircable, Elementary, Carter
Rudy Regalado, Elementary, Presidential Park
Erin Pesavento, Special Education, MHS

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