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"I am Middletown"-Elijah Glover

Elijah Glover


“I am Middletown”

Enjoy this personality profile, which gives people in the Middletown school district a chance to meet and learn about their students. These students chose their questions, designed to create a mini-profile of their lives.

Elijah Glover is a Carter fifth-grader who is a National Elementary Honor Society member.

His hobbies: “Building things, playing video games.”

His hidden talent: “Playing Roblox and Fortnite.”

His favorite part of school: “Special.”

The last good book he read: “’Diary of a Wimpy Kid,’ by Jeff Kinney.”

Three famous people he would invite to dinner: “Mr. Beast, Matt Stonie and Carter Sharer.”

On his bedroom walls: “Marvel art work.”

What makes him unhappy: “Doing laundry.”

His three favorite TV shows: “’SpongeBob,’ ‘Gator Boys’ and ‘Thundermans.’”

Three places he wants to visit: “Florida, Los Angeles and Maryland.”