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Sojourner Truth awards

Middletown school students in grades 6-12 will be honored at the 27th annual Sojourner Truth awards on March 10 at the Physical Education building on the SUNY Orange campus. This ceremony recognizes the achievements of deserving Orange County youth who are traditionally under-represented in the college population. Congratulations to the following Middletown students:

Kiara Abreu (Middletown High School), citizenship; Matthew Allen (high school), mathematics; Inshan Ally (Twin Towers Middle School), perseverance/effort; John Angerame (high school), mathematics; Freddy Anzurez (high school), perseverance/effort; David Atakora (Twin Towers), English language arts; Kamila Ayaquica (Monhagen Middle School), citizenship; Vanessa Barco-Zamora (high school), mathematics; Simran Bassi (Twin Towers), sciences; Isaac Baxter Motz (high school), citizenship; Darius Berry (high school), mathematics; Andrea Borrero (high school), citizenship; Danielle Brady (high school), perseverance/effort; Carsen Brenner (high school), mathematics; Karla Campos (high school), perseverance/effort; Kimberly Campos (high school), citizenship; Ken Celestin (high school), perseverance/effort; Daja Chamberlain (Twin Towers), sciences; Mya Charles (Monhagen), foreign languages; Sephora Charlot (Monhagen), creative arts; Tyra Chase (high school), diversity; Susan Cheng (high school), perseverance/effort; Tejpaul Chilana (Monhagen), mathematics; Michael Cleary (high school), athletics; Jezielle Coates (high school), mathematics; Joseph Colon (high school), perseverance/effort; Victoria Conklin (high school), perseverance/effort; Fernando Corano Garcia (Twin Towers), creative arts; Khristina Cromer (Twin Towers), perseverance/effort; Angel Cruz (Monhagen), perseverance/effort; Ricardo Cruz (Monhagen), citizenship; Jordan Decker (high school), perseverance/effort; Arianna Diana (high school), perseverance/effort; Brandon Diaz (high school), creative arts; Elizabeth Diaz (high school), mathematics; Felice Dong (Monhagen), sciences; Raquel Estrada (high school), citizenship; Nnenna Eze (high school), English language arts; Grace Feely (high school), mathematics; Angela Fiedler (high school), mathematics; Alexis Figueroa Bahena (high school), perseverance/effort; Jade Fontanez (Monhagen), English language arts; Jeniel Foster (high school), perseverance/effort; Yesenia Galicia (high school), creative arts; Maria Garcia Mejia (high school), perseverance/effort; Norris Gipson (high school), citizenship; Manuel Gonzalez (Monhagen), perseverance/effort; Xavier Gonzalez (Monhagen), perseverance/effort; Michael Gordon (high school), mathematics; Harriece Gowers (Twin Towers), technology; Stephany Grande (Monhagen), perseverance/effort; Mikaela Gray (high school), mathematics; Nyla Green (Twin Towers), English language arts; Monet' Grimes (high school), perseverance/effort; Matthew Guattery (high school), mathematics; Grace Guh (high school), mathematics; Roquan Hamilton (Twin Towers), creative arts; Hamza Hasan (high school), mathematics; Miguel Hernandez-Chacon (Twin Towers), English language arts; Alexis Herrerra (Monhagen), sciences; Petra Ike (Twin Towers), creative arts; Lopez Jayson (high school), mathematics; Savion Jean (Monhagen), perseverance/effort; Cameron Jewell (high school), mathematics; Marvin Justin (high school), citizenship; Ordonez Burgos Karen (high school), diversity; Shahid Khan (Twin Towers), English language arts; Huiyuan (Joey) Kuang (high school), perseverance/effort; Dereck Lamber (high school), perseverance/effort; Anna Lauderdale (Twin Towers), English language arts; Jalaya Lazare (Monhagen), English language arts; Daneele Lewis (high school), perseverance/effort; Javier Lopez (high school), perseverance/effort; Kiara Luna (high school), perseverance/effort; Jazmyn Martinez (high school), athletics; Jayden McKane (Monhagen), creative arts; Preanna McWhorter (Monhagen), perseverance/effort; Jasmine Merritt (Twin Towers), English language arts; Jazlyn Morales (Twin Towers), English language arts; Donato Napoletano (high school), mathematics; Denasia Nock (high school), creative arts; Alexis Oppong (high school), mathematics; Clara Ornelas-Lara (Monhagen), English language arts; Gracelynn Osei-Bosompem (Twin Towers), foreign languages; Tumajanae Page (high school), perseverance/effort; Adeana Pearson (high school), mathematics; Alondra Perez  (Twin Towers), perseverance/effort; Quamel Perry (Monhagen), perseverance/effort; Sophia Pham Aparicio (Monhagen), mathematics; Khristian Pierre (Twin Towers), creative arts; Matthew Quimby (high school), mathematics; Brian Ramirez (high school), citizenship; Marcus Ramos (high school), creative arts; Daniela Ramos (Twin Towers), mathematics; Shacoy Ramsay (high school), mathematics; Kevin Reid (high school), technology; Kya Ringgold (Monhagen), creative arts; Adrianna Rivera (Monhagen), perseverance/effort; Giovanni Rodriguez (Monhagen), citizenship; Jason Sandoval Campos (Twin Towers), mathematics; Edward Saverino (high school), mathematics; Kayla Senior (high school), English language arts; Basilia Serrano (Monhagen), citizenship; Sunny Shi (Twin Towers), mathematics; Caitlin Skoufis (high school), perseverance/effort; Kaitlyn Sorto (high school), mathematics; Allan Sun (high school), mathematics; Jessica Talmadge (high school), mathematics; Arlette Tavarez (high school), mathematics; Sidney Taylor (high school), citizenship; D'Ajah Terry (Monhagen), citizenship; Nicole Tondreau (high school), mathematics; Ericka Tornetto (high school), English language arts; Christian Torres (high school), mathematics; Rachel Valentin (high school), perseverance/effort; Cristal Vidal (high school), perseverance/effort; Jarim Virgen Rivera (high school), mathematics; Devon Walker (high school), sciences; Emma Walters (Monhagen), citizenship; Alexandra Warren (high school), citizenship; Lamar Washington (Monhagen), citizenship; Emily Whitby (high school), creative arts; Curai White (high school), athletics; Erik Zapata (Monhagen), creative arts; Hong Zhang (high school), mathematics; Salma Znaidi (Monhagen), foreign languages; TraAnthony Zollner (high school), creative arts.