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Junior high all-county musicians

The Orange County Music Educators Association recently released Junior High all-county selections and Middletown was well-represented. Students in grades 7-9 are eligible to be selected. We will post photos of these students when they are available.
Middletown High School orchestra: Stanley Zhen, Arianna Saverino.
Middletown High School chorus: Madison Figueroa, Reneah Fedelicio, Oluwaseyi Fadairo, Izira Burley. 
twin orch  
Twin Towers Middle School orchestra: Gracelyn Osei-Bosompem, Khristian Pierre, Jennaia Llanos, Katherine Dorfman, Sunny Shi, Jacob Eisentraut, Kaelyn Cintron. 
twin band  
Twin Towers Middle School band: Allisson Gonzalez, Ashley Perez-Urrea, Hannah Naraindutt, Edwin Rodriguez-Palma. 
white kids  
Twin Towers Middle School chorus: Daniella Briones, Aniyah Burns, Fernando Corano, Gianna McGrath, Nala Hodges, Aidan Plass, Giana Roche, Gregory Ruffin.
Middletown High School band: Kevin Lindemann.