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Syracuse University classes available at MHS


Syracuse University Project Advance (SUPA) is a cooperative program between Syracuse University and Middletown High School that allows high school students to enroll in Syracuse courses. Teachers, who are also adjunct Syracuse instructors, teach these classes in the high school, following the Syracuse curriculum and guidelines. SUPA enables high school students to gauge their ability to do college work prior to full-time college study. Upon successful completion of a Syracuse course, students are awarded SU transcripts that record credits earned. These credits are transferable to hundreds of colleges and universities nationwide. Students can obtain as many as 70 undergraduate credit hours from Syracuse University while at Middletown High School.
See the 2015-16 Syracuse University course list offered at Middletown High School
For more than 40 years, Syracuse University Project Advance has offered Syracuse University courses in high schools, creating a bridge to help students become college ready. Read about the SUPA program.