• For more information, call the pre-Kindergarten office at 326-1153/326-1308
    For Central Registration, please call 326-1300 or 326-1301 (Spanish).

    Students enrolled in our Pre-K programs are getting ready for kindergarten, and they're learning a lot more than their ABCs. A primary goal of the programs is to provide students with instruction in language and literacy, math, science, as well as social and self-care skills. Students get hands-on instruction through activities in the classroom, preparing them for the next step in their schooling—kindergarten!

    See the Pre-K locations

    Targeted Pre-K (TPK) Programs:
    (Eligibility based on income and language requirements)
    Classes are located in the community
    Breakfast and lunch will be served
    Health services are available
    Parent events 

    Universal Pre-K (UPK) Programs:
    A collaboration between the school district and a community program
    Snack is served
    Health services are available
    Parent events
    Option of additional hours for a fee, including latch key

    Pre-kindergarten lottery system
    All students are eligible for pre-kindergarten lottery on May 29 must be registered through Central Registration - with all required paperwork - by May 17. Any registrations after this date automatically go on a waiting list. Parents do not have to be present for the lottery, but are welcome to observe. Eligible students will be chosen randomly for TPK, and the remainder of the UPK slots will also be filled randomly.
    Parents of children selected in the lottery will receive an acceptance letter that indicates the TPK/UPK location their child will attend.