Infinite Campus Parent Portal

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    The Infinite Campus Parent Portal provides parent/guardian access to information for all enrolled students in their household. 


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    View the following items for your child:  

    • Schedule   
    • Marking Period Grades
    • School and District Messages


    Things to consider when reviewing student grades: 

    •  Be careful not to overreact. The information posted online shows only those assignments which have been recorded so far. Ongoing assessments may raise or lower a grade prior to the conclusion of the grading period.  
    • Different courses and instructors have varying systems for evaluating work, calculating and reporting grades. If you need clarification/details on how a specific course calculates a grade please email the teacher. 
    • Online updates will vary from class to class. All online grades will be up to date at the designated report card posting date.  
      • Quarter 3 Report Card Posting Date = 5:30 PM on April 24 

    Questions about the Parent Portal or need support? eMAIL -

    Need to sign up for a Parent Portal account? 


    Parents must comply with the District’s end user agreement as well as security requirements to assure the confidentiality and accuracy of the information provided in the portal

    • Qualifications must be met by usernames and passwords, such as character length and password strength
    • Each parent and/or guardian of each household should have their own individual account rather than one household account
    • The accuracy of the information  in the portal is a shared responsibility of the district, parent/guardians and students
    • Time frames with regard to attendance and grade information will be made available
    • The district agrees to provide free and the most accurate student information
    • The district maintains the right to add, modify and delete information and portal functions
    • The portal is subject to electronic monitoring by the district, as well as other specific rights the district
    • The district can deny or cancel parents’ access with suitable cause
    • The portal remains the property of the District