• Quick facts about Infinite Campus Parent PortalCampus Portal

    Launched: Sept. 21, 2016
    Who is using it? More than 1,400 families are actively using the Portal
    What are they getting? Class work and homework assignments, current "In progress" grades, student test and quiz scores, schedules, missing assignment reports and much more.
    What are the parents saying?
    *"Seeing my daughter's assignments in 'real time' enables me to be an active participant in my child's education," said one Middletown parent.
    *"Seeing my child's assignment due dates helps us manage our time as a family," said another Middletown parent.
    So how can I sign up? Sign up at your student's building. You must do this in person, but do not need to visit different schools if you have more than one child.

    Catherine Navilio, Point of Contact for Children in Foster Care: (845) 326-1184