Honors Guidelines

  • High School Honors placement for English, mathematics, science and social studies

    I. Out-of-district applicants (Transfer)
    A. If a student transfers to MHS from an honors program, he/she will be placed in the honors program as long as his/her minimum course grade is 80% or above.

    II. Grade 8-12 Honors (To maintain honors status)
    A. The student must maintain a minimum of an 80% average per quarter/semester.
    B. If the first quarter marking period grade is less than an 80%, a warning letter will be sent to the parents/guardians by the student’s teacher. The warning letter will state that if the student continues to perform below an 80% average at the end of second quarter, the student will be removed from the honors program for that subject.
    C. At the end of the second quarter, if the student has not achieved the 80% average, the final portion of the warning letter will be sent home to the parents/guardians by the student’s House Principal. This final portion states that the student will be placed in a Regents level class because he/she was unable to attain the 80% average.
    D. If a student’s average drops below an 80% at the end of third quarter, similar to the first quarter, a warning letter will be sent home to the parents/guardians of the student.
    E. At the end of fourth quarter, any student who does not have an 80% final average in the course will not be placed in the honors program for September. The final portion of the warning letter will be sent to the parents/guardians of the student informing them of the student’s removal from the honors program and the change in placement for the upcoming year.
    F. The student must attain a score of 80% or higher on the NY State Regents Exam to be placed in the honors course for the following year.

    III. Regents to Honors/Acceleration for Grades 9–12
    For students who have completed a Regents level course and wish to attempt an honors course for the following year the criteria below must be met:
    A. The student must attain a final course average of 90% or higher.
    B. The student must receive a grade of 80% or higher on the NYS Regents Examination.
    C. A teacher must recommend the student for honors placement.
    D. If requesting placement in an English honors course, a writing sample must be submitted which will be reviewed by the Department Chairperson.
    E. The above criteria will be placed on a summative form by the teacher and submitted to the Department Chairperson. The Department Chairperson will review in conjunction with the Subject’s House Principal.

    IV. Grades 8-9 Honors Placement
    For students who wish to enter the honors track after 8th grade the following criteria must be met:
    A. Eighth grade teachers will complete the teacher recommendation rubric and will return it to the student’s counselor.
    B. Eighth grade guidance counselors will complete the student grading rubric.
    C. All tallied rubrics will be returned to the Guidance Chairperson at MHS.
    D. The MHS Guidance Chairperson and Department Chairpersons will review the rubrics and determine 9th grade honors placement.
    E. This evaluation would take place at the end of third quarter, with the final determination being made at the end of the school year.

    V. The Appeals Committee Process
    A. The Appeals Committee will be comprised of the Department Chairperson, the Subject’s House Principal, and the student’s guidance counselor.
    B. An appeal will only take place if there was an extenuating circumstance ( ie. medical, immediate family death/illness, etc.) that would prohibit the student from exhibiting his/her full potential at the time of the honors evaluation.
    C. When an honors placement has been denied to a student and the parents appeal the decision, the parents/guardians will receive a letter delineating the appeals process.

    Appeals Process
    Appeals will only take place in cases of extenuating circumstance (i.e. medical, immediate family illness, death in the immediate family).
    Members: Department Chairperson, Subject House Principal and Guidance Counselor

    1. Parent must call or write the student’s guidance counselor and ask for an appeal.
    2. The student’s guidance counselor will schedule a meeting with the department chairperson, subject house principal, guidance counselor and parent.
    3. At the meeting, the parent must present the extenuating circumstance.
    4. Following the meeting, the appeals committee will arrive at a decision.
    5. Parent will be notified of the decision, in writing, within five school days, of the decision.
    6. The decision of the Appeal’s Committee is final.