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    FamilyID is now open to inform us of your student's Intention to Participate in Fall 2021 Athletics. This step will help us prepare for our upcoming Fall season of play. 

    The Intent to Participate is now open and will close on July 19th. Varsity and JV tryouts for our upcoming Fall 2021 season will begin on Monday, August 23 2021.  Modified tryouts for our upcoming   Fall 2021 season will begin on Thursday, September 2, 2021.

    FamilyID will open again 30 days prior to each level of play for online registration.

    Please feel free to call the Athletic Department at 326-1533 should you have any questions. Thank you.

  • Read Section 9 track and field chairman Matt Hemmer's letter to Superintendent Richard Del Moro about Middletown's hosting of the recent New York State Public High School Athletic Association track and field championships:

    Superintendent Del Moro,

    As the Section 9 Track and Field Coordinator, this past weekend I had the privilege of working side by side with many of the finest and hardest working people the Enlarged City School District of Middletown have to offer.  Throughout the planning phases, I began to envision what this meet experience would be like for the over 1,500 track and field athletes from across the state, but until I stepped into the Faller complex on Thursday afternoon did I recognize the tremendous effort the vested employees of your district put forth to make this event a tremendous success.

    During my time on site Thursday through the completion of the events Saturday, there wasn't one group working at this meet that did not make the Middletown district shine.  Athletic director David Coats and events coordinator Kevin Gleason were incredibly helpful and visible during the entire event.  The entire Track and Field coaching staff led by Eric Hipsman and Lindsay Hammer were driven, organized, and played a vital role in managing the many aspects of a successful Track and Field competition.  The food services department supplied amazing meals to our state committee and officials throughout the weekend and the concession stand did the same for athletes and spectators.   The tech crew at Faller played a key roll working with the NFHS Network (internet streaming)  and Leone Timing. The countless amount of volunteers, both students and staff, who helped lug sweats, collect tickets, move hurdles and various other tedious jobs were all appreciated and imperative in the success of this meet.  Lastly, I would be remiss if I didn't call to attention the work of Coley Taylor and the rest of the Faller Complex grounds crew.  One long time attendee of these championships pointed out to me that "in many other venues, piles of garbage would accumulate over the course of the two and a half day experience."   This was not the case at Middletown.  There was a cleanliness at the conclusion that closely replicated that of the start! 

    The purpose of this e-mail is just to share with you how this team of Middies worked together to showcase your district during this extremely prestigious event.  For a few days I became very aware of what "Middie Pride" is all about.  I hope you will join me in commending and celebrating the hard work of all who took part in making the 2019 NYSPHSAA Track and Field Championships an incredible success!


    Matt Hemmer

    Section 9 Boys Track and Field Coordinator

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