Health services

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  • To incorporate well rounded health education throughout a student's school experience in a compassionate and individualized manner; enhanced by using technological resources and by partnering with community services.


  • Each student will become empowered to make optimal health decisions throughout their time in school and in life.

  • Emergency Information Cards

    At the beginning of the school year, emergency information cards are sent home with all students. These cards provide schools with vital information in the case of an emergency. It is important that the cards be returned as soon as possible, and that the information be correct and current.
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  • There is a positive correlation between a child's health and their academic potential. All children need to receive support at school for health conditions that may impact their safety, well-being, and capacity for learning. Our health services teams are here to help your child.

    You may contact Tierra Oliver, family nurse practitioner, at (845) 326-1259, with any questions or concerns that you may have concerning Health Services or you may contact your child's school nurse directly.

    Sports physicals and clearances

    Recertification - Prior to the start of tryout sessions at the beginning of each season, a health history review for each athlete must be conducted unless the student received a full medical examination within 30 days of the start of the season.

    Physicals are valid for one calendar year.

    APP process - The Athletic Placement Process (APP), previously called selection classification process, is a program for evaluating students who want to participate in interscholastic sports at higher or lower levels. The school medical director will examine students and/or review clinical data for this purpose.

    Concussion management - Health services works collaboratively with the athletic department to promote a commitment to implement strategies that reduce the risk of head injuries in the school setting and during district sponsored events. The concussion management team encourages all students with concussive injuries to seek treatment within 24 hours, have a detailed treatment plan within seven days and begin the "Return to Learn/Return to Play" process (if cleared to do so) within 14 days.

Health Office Contacts

Name Phone Number
Middletown High School
Barbara Cournoyer, RN; Julia Fox, RN; Christine Dent, Health clerk; Brittany Wyman, Health Clerk
(845) 326-1590
Monhagen Middle School
Patricia Strawn, RN; Esmeralda Diaz, Health clerk
(845) 326-1677
Twin Towers Middle School
Wendy Manis, RN; Joanne Rosado, Health clerk
(845) 326-1638
Maple Hill Elementary
Deborah Ann Sullivan, RN; Christine McKenna, LPN; Theresa Efiom, Health clerk; Yenole DeFreitas, Health clerk
(845) 326-1735
William A. Carter Elementary
Ronalynn Davis, RN; Gloria Troy, LPN; Kattia Castillo, Health clerk; McKenna Davis, Health clerk
(845) 326-1714
Presidential Park Elementary
First floor: Christine Giacchi, RN; Gloria Troy, LPN; Yenny Lockwood, Health clerk; Nicole Vellake, Health clerk. Second floor: Patricia Knebel, LPN; Margaret Siena, Health clerk;
(845) 326-1860
Maple Hill Annex at Truman Moon Elementary
Brenda Pikul, LPN; McKenna Davis, Health clerk
(845) 326-1775
Stephanie Budd, LPN

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