•  Mission: To foster the growth, development and educational     achievement of all students by promoting health and wellness in a safe   and supportive environment. Middletown Schools’ Health Office   Personnel is committed to meeting the health needs of individual   students through collaboration with public and private agencies and   health care providers; and to advocate for students, their families and   the school community.

     Goals of Middletown School Nurses:

    *Reducing health-related barriers to   learning and health-related absenteeism, thus improving student   achievement.

    *Promote the health, safety, and wellness of all students and staff in our schools

    *Promote a positive, collaborative relationship with students, families, colleagues, and the community

    *Promote best practices in school health services through professional development and resources.

    Message: There is a positive correlation between a child's health and their academic potential. All children need to receive support at school for health conditions that may impact their safety, well-being, and capacity for learning. Our health services teams are here to help your child. If you have any questions or concerns about your child's health, please contact Nurse Practitioner Barbara Kura at (845)326-1259 or your school nurse. 

    Artwork: Elicia Aviles, 12th grade MHS 

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**For Parents & Guardians**


    School Name Phone Number
    Middletown High School Christine Little, RN, Jacqueline Vogel, RN, Joan Molina, RN (COVID nurse), Sima Kirkland, LPN
    Phone: (845) 326-1590; Fax: (845) 326-1606
    Monhagen Middle School Lisa Hidalgo-Capriola, RN, Patricia Knebel, LPN Phone: (845) 326-1677; Fax: (845) 326-1675
    Twin Towers Middle School Wendy Manis, RN, Laura Guattery, LPN Phone: (845) 326-1638; Fax: (845) 326-1636
    Maple Hill Elementary Linda Vohra, RN, Julissa Corona, LPN, Virginia Moore-Stam, RN
    Phone: (845) 326-1735; Fax: (845) 326-1796
    William A. Carter Elementary Ronalynn Davis, RN, Taliah Cousar, LPN, Virginia Moore-Stam, RN Phone: (845) 326-1714; Fax: (845) 326-1724
    Presidential Park Elementary

    Christine Giacchi, RN, Brenda Pikul, LPN, Bernadette Smith, RN, Stephanie Zile-Belleus, LPN

    Phone (first floor): (845) 326-1860; Fax (first floor): (845) 326-1862; Phone (second floor): (845) 326-1877; Fax (second floor): (845) 326-1902
    Maple Hill Annex at Truman Moon Elementary Gloria Troy, LPN, Donna Gressler, RN
    (845) 326-1775, fax: (845) 326-1789
    UPK Sima Kirkland, LPN (845) 326-1797