• Image: Student in stairwell, text "Healthy Middies Matter"  

    Welcome to Health Services 

    • Mission:   To incorporate well rounded health education throughout a student's school experience in a  compassionate and individualized manner; enhanced by using technological resources and by partnering with community services.
    • Vision:  Each student will become empowered to make optimal health decisions throughout their time in school and in life. 
    • Message: There is a positive correlation between a child's health and their academic potential. All children need to receive support at school for health conditions that may impact their safety, well-being, and capacity for learning. Our health services teams are here to help your child. If you have any questions or concerns about your child's health, please contact Nurse Practitioner Barbara Kura at (845)326-1259 or your school nurse. 

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Health Office Contacts

School Name Phone Number
Middletown High School Barbara Cournoyer, RN; Julia Fox, RN; Stefanie Budd, LPN, Nicole Vellake, Brittany Wyman Phone: (845) 326-1590; Fax: (845) 326-1606
Monhagen Middle School Lisa Hidalgo-Capriola, RN; Gloria Troy, LPN; Amy Diaz Phone: (845) 326-1677; Fax: (845) 326-1675
Twin Towers Middle School Wendy Manis, RN; Laura Guattery, LPN; Jessica Eilert Phone: (845) 326-1638; Fax: (845) 326-1636
Maple Hill Elementary Deborah Ann Sullivan, RN (Linda Vohra-substitute RN); Christine McKenna, LPN; Theresa Efiom, MacKenna Davis Phone: (845) 326-1735; Fax: (845) 326-1796
William A. Carter Elementary Ronalynn Davis, RN; Julissa Corona, LPN; Kattia Castillo, Yenole DeFreitas Phone: (845) 326-1714; Fax: (845) 326-1724
Presidential Park Elementary Christine Giacchi, RN; Patricia Knebel, LPN; Danial Moses, LPN; Yenny Lockwood,Mildred Padilla, Margaret Siena, Alyssa Davis Phone (first floor): (845) 326-1860; Fax (first floor): (845) 326-1862; Phone (second floor): (845) 326-1877; Fax (second floor): (845) 326-1902
Maple Hill Annex at Truman Moon Elementary Brenda Pikul, LPN (845) 326-1797
UPK Stefanie Budd, LPN