Welcome to Middletown Food and Nutrition Services

  •       Food service worker distributes bagged breakfast to elementary school age students
    The Middletown City School District is providing "Pre-fuel" (breakfast) and "Re-fuel" (lunch) for all scholars in attendance at no cost. Our nutrition program, "Middies Meals on the Move," will continue to increase meal accessibility. Our classroom-friendly "Pre-fuel" menu provides well-balanced nutritious meals for each scholar to begin their educational day. Our high school and middle school students can also utilize the meal vending machines to receive their nutritious "Pre-fuel" from 7:00am-9:00am. 
    Middies Meals on the Move is committed to serving healthy meals that meet the daily nutritional needs of scholars. Scholars can choose from a variety of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, fat-free and low-fat milk, lean protiens or alternate protein choices. Meals are moderate sodium & saturated fat and have zero grams of trans fat per serving (as per manufacturer's specification).
    Parents can make online payments into their scholar's account through the  Infinte Campus Parent Portal, or pay with cash or checks at the registers. All other sales, inlcuding adult sales by staff members, second meals, and ala carte items must be paid in full at the time of sale. 
    Middies Meals on the Move is committed to providing easy access to our menu items and nutrition information. Please visit www.schools.mealviewer.com or install the MealViewer app (Playstore for Android devices or App Store for Apple devices) on you mobile device. Both options are at no cost and are updated frequently.
    **Due to the current supply chain challenges, please check frequently as our menus are subject to change to reflect avalable items.  
    Contact Middie Meals on the Move team at the Food and Nutrition Service office at 845-326-1230 or foodservice.info@ecsdm.org with questions.

Important Parent and Guardian Information

  • Click here for the Meal Viewer App.

    Click here to make online payments to lunch accounts using Infinite Campus Parent Portal.

    A message explaining why it is important to submit a Household Eligibility Form (English and Spanish):

    • All households with a child or children enrolled in the Enlarged City School District of Middletown are required to complete a Household Income Eligibility Form. 
    • Completing this form is vital for obtaining district-wide educational programs including, but not limited to grants, funding, college preparation courses and various engagement opportunities. 
    • We are asking all families to complete the form and return to your child's classroom at your earliest convenience.
    • We thank you in advance for your support in making the Enlarged City School District of Middletown a place where a scholar's educational journey is "Personalized, not Standardized". 
    • Please contact Business Office at 845-326-1145 or the Department of Food and Nutrion Services at 845-326-1230.

Presenting Middies Pre-Fuel

  • Well-nourished kids perform better in school and have increased problem-solving skills, memory, verbal fluency and creativity. That’s why at Middletown, where more than 7,000 meals are served daily, it’s not just important to serve top-quality meals to kids. It’s a priority. Since launching the Food Enhancement Plan, Middletown increased use of whole grains, fresh fruits and vegetables. In addition, meals are lower in fat, and provide balanced servings from each food group.