• Welcome to the Transportation Services

     Making sure students get to school safely is a big job, and it's one the Middletown school district takes very seriously.  

  • Bus route information is available through your Infinite Campus Parent Portal.  
    Need assistance with your Parent Portal? Email - parent.portal@ecsdm.org.
    Transportation questions?  Call Mid-City (845) 343-4702.

    Recently moved? Please notify us of your new address by contacting Central Registration at (845) 326-1300, between 8 a.m.-4 p.m., to make an appointment. Central Registration is located at: 53 Bedford Ave., Middletown.

    Bus behavior rules and safety reminders 

    Ensuring scholar safety is a big job and one the Middletown school district takes very seriously. Here are some reminders for parents/guardians and scholars about bus safety and behavior when riding the bus. It is expected that scholars will behave on the bus as they do in the classroom. Consequences for inappropriate bus behavior will follow those found in the classroom.

    •The bus driver has the authority to enforce all rules and regulations on the bus.
    •Enter the bus in a single file and hold onto the rail.
    •Students will not board or leave the bus while it's moving.
    •There will be no unusual loudness, such as loud talking or laughing, that will interfere with the effectiveness of the bus driver.
    •Shoving, pushing and use of profane language is not permitted.
    •Scholars will keep head, arms and hands inside the bus at all times.
    •There will be no smoking or eating on the bus.
    •Scholars will keep the bus clean, and treat the bus equipment with care.
    •Scholars will pass through the aisle, to and from the seat, without disturbing or crowding other pupils.
    •Scholars will remain seated and face forward while the bus is in motion.
    •Scholars will obey the school bus driver's instruction promptly and safely.
    •In accordance with New York state, scholar safety to and from the bus stop, as well as at the bus stop, is the responsibility of the scholar and their parents/guardians. It is not the district's responsibility.

    Please contact Mid-City or Almenda Falcon to request a copy of the bus rules.