• The Strategic Planning Committee presented the Enlarged City School District of Middletown's Strategic Plan at the Board of Education meeting on November 3, 2022.

    strategic plan 2022

    Here is a printable version of the Strategic Plan

    Watch the Strategic Planning Committee introduce the plan at the November 3, 2022 meeting

    Vea cómo el Comité de Planificación Estratégica presenta el plan en la reunión del 3 de noviembre de 2022

    See a printable version of the Strategic Planning Committee's presentation from the November 3, 2022 meeting

    Middletown has always leveraged new ideas and innovative solutions to make a difference. Over the next five years, we will launch strategic initiatives aligned with the goals of each priority. These priorities support the mission and vision of our school district, and our values will guide progress toward achieving them. Our priorities support us in promoting access and inclusion in our school community.

    Why is strategic planning important?
    Our strategic plan will drive change based on the voices of our school community, enabling our team to align our vision, beliefs, values and goals with that of the school community. Our plan is a five-year responsive road map for our District that is inclusive of the priorities, goals, actions and strategies on which we will focus our time and energy. The plan also includes the systems we will commit to using as we monitor and evaluate progress along the way.

    This plan will enable us to:
    Continue growing as a responsive district using this document as our guide.
    Use the voice of the school community to assess the District's strengths and capabilities, while identifying room for growth.
    Provide a five-year guide for key actions to take related to District priorities.
    Communicate our vision and set of initiatives where we prioritize what matters most to our school community.

    We are Legacy Makers
    Our legacy is only as strong as our impact on scholars, which is a direct result of our actions. Our job is to support scholars in discovering and developing their passions, and finding ways to contribute value to their school community and our world. This strategic plan serves as our compass for the next five years, ensuring our actions shape our impact and solidify our legacy. We look forward to sharing the progress with our community stakeholders.