• "Listen and Learn" meetings with Superintendent Creeden and our Board of Education

    We are a vibrant school community digging in to work needed to support our school community in continuing to thrive.  We believe we can continue to provide clear channels of communication to engage stakeholders and support our work moving forward.  We learn and grow as an organization when we listen to the many voices of our school community.   So our team can listen and learn in positive, collaborative ways, we have initiated the “Listen and Learn” series with the Superintendent and Board of Education.
     Read Superintendent Creeden's message about how you can participate 

    Upcoming session dates:

    Thursday, November 9

    Morning, mid-day, and evening appointments are available! 

    Pre-registration is required. Sessions are reserved in 30 minute time blocks.
    Please email us at:
      - when requesting time for yourself please include the following in the email.  

    • Your full name 

    • Contact phone number 

    • Preferred date and time block

    • Topic you would like to spend time on

    The listening tour will provide us with critical feedback to improve how we approach the experiences of our scholars, families, educators, staff, and the greater school community. We are asking for your partnership with this experience.  If you are interested in reserving time for yourself, with our leadership team, as an opportunity for you to:

    • identify assets you feel we should sustain and preserve and/or; 

    • share your experiences, perceptions, and needs as we look to the future

    We hope we can use this mechanism as a way to help us drive district success, cultivate new partnerships, intersect with the community voice driving our strategic plan, and continue to strive to meet the needs of the community.