• The Board of Education of the Enlarged City School District of Middletown is pleased to announce it has selected Denise Romero to fill the mid-term vacancy created by the resignation of Vincent Crescenzo, pending an affirmative vote at the August 31st meeting. The term will run from the time of appointment until May 21, 2024. Pursuant to NYS Education Law, a Board of Education reserves the right to appoint any individual at its discretion to fill any vacancy.

    Middletown’s BOE presented the school community with an opportunity to interview with Board members for the position. Several qualified candidates expressed a willingness to serve their community in this role, for which the Board appreciates.

    Ms. Romero is committed to the district’s mission statement and possesses qualities that will help the Board of Education reach its goals and objectives. She has served on the Audit Committee and Diversity Committee, and was on the Middletown High School Cohort Principal hiring committee. Ms. Romero is employed in our community in the area of finance.

  • About the Board of Education

    A local board of education is an agency of New York State that is governed by New York State law and the Regulations of the Commissioner of Education.The Enlarged City School District of Middletown’s Board of Education establishes policy, has the fiscal responsibility to provide a budget and hires the Superintendent of Schools. Nine district residents make up our Board, and each member currently serves a three-year term.

    Mission Statement

    We strive to provide fiscally sound educational opportunities in a safe environment that continuously supports our diverse student population. We will enable all students to graduate, to reach their full potential, to become life-long learners, and to be competitive, productive members of society.  

    Board of Education Members   *Meet The Board Members*

    President: John Williams | Vice President: Freddie Williams
    Board Members: Paula Blumenau, Edwin Estrada, John Perrino, Curtis Rhett, Denise Romero, Rose Tobiassen, Mitchell Williams

    Meeting Location, Calendar and Addressing the Board of Education 

    Meetings are held twice a month, generally on the first and third Thursday, and begin at 6:30 p.m. Meetings are held at the Middletown High School library media center, 30 Gardner Ave. Extension, Middletown, NY. Go to the schedule of meetings  Board of Education Schedule of Meetings (navigates to BoardDocs website).

    There are two ways to address the Board of Education or individual board members.

    1.  You may send questions, comments, and concerns to: 

    The Board of Education
    Middletown City School District
    C/O District Clerk
    223 Wisner Avenue
    Middletown, NY 10940

      ➣All letters should be received by 4p.m. the Friday prior to the next Board meeting to be considered for reading.
      ➣All letters must be signed and include a legibly printed name. Contents of any letter must be legible.
      ➣All letters must include a contact phone number and address where the Board can reach the person to verify the letter.  

    2.  Attend a Board Meeting to address the Board of Education during the public comment portion of the meeting.

      ➣Each speaker must sign in at the podium and include a phone number and/or address so that their concerns can be addressed.
      ➣Comments should not exceed 4 minutes and should directly relate to school matters.
      ➣The public comment portion of the meeting should not exceed 40 minutes total.   

    Although the Board will not dialogue with the public at the time of comment, it recognizes its responsibility to hear public comment, and therefore encourages the public to attend its meetings.