About our Athletics Department

  • The athletics program is founded on the principle that playing on the field is an extension of the classroom, and that participation in athletics contributes to the growth of Middletown students.

    The district offers a variety of interscholastic sports, including basketball, baseball, cheerleading, cross country, football, indoor and outdoor track, lacrosse, skiing, soccer, softball, swimming and diving, tennis, volleyball and wrestling.

    To receive a copy of the athletic handbook, travel release form and parent permission form, please contact Tami Walter at Tami.walter@ecsdm.org.


Sports Offerings at Middletown High School

    • Football (varsity and JV)
    • Soccer (boys' and girls' varisty, JV)
    • Tennis (boys' and girls' varisty, JV)
    • Swimming & diving (boys' and girls' varisty)
    • Volleyball (varsity, JV)
    • Cross country (boys' and girls' varsity)
    • Cheerleading (varsity, JV)
    • Indoor track (boys' and girls' varsity)
    • Basketball (boys' and girls' varsity, JV)
    • Wrestling (varsity, JV)
    • Baseball (varsity, JV)
    • Softball (varsity, JV)
    • Lacrosse (boys' and girls' varsity, JV)
    • Golf (boys' and girls' varsity)
    • Outdoor track (boys' and girls' varsity)
    • Bowling (boys' and girls' varsity)