Monhagen Middle School Guidance Department

  • Welcome to the guidance department at Monhagen Middle School, where we assist students, teachers, parents, and administrators in order to help your child achieve academic success, meet their personal goals, and assume personal academic responsibility.

    Middletown’s Developmental School Counseling Program's objective is to help all students learn effectively and efficiently. It consists of an organized and planned curriculum that is sequential and flexible. This program is part of the total educational process, with counselors who provide specialized counseling services and interventions.

  • The Counseling Department promotes:      

    • Personal/Social Development
    • Student Achievement
    • Career Planning

    School counselors work with administrators, teachers, and parents on:

    • Student Academic Performance
    • Student Behavior
    • Social/Emotional Needs
    • Classroom Guidance Activities
    • Guidance/Counseling Interventions 
    • Home/School Communication
    • Parent/Child Relationships
    • Parent-teacher Conferences
    • Community Agency Referrals
  • Interim Reports & Report Cards:

    Academic information is communicated to parents five weeks into each marking period and every 10 weeks. At five weeks, an interim report is mailed home to give parents an indication as to how their child is performing for that marking period. A report card is mailed home at the end of each 10 weeks.