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Strategic Plan 2022

coverpage of strategic plan book, grads throwing caps and streamers, little boys playing basketball

Middletown is a leader in developing new ideas and solutions to inspire great innovations in our schools and our community.  After identifying priorities that support the mission, vision, and values of the school community, the district commits, in the next five years, to launching initiatives that support these priorities. 

Why is strategic planning important?
The plan is a five-year responsive road map that includes the priorities, goals, actions, and strategies shared by our school community. The intent of the plan is to develop strategies to drive changes in the school community reflective of the feedback from its members.  The plan also includes a system and process of monitoring and evaluating the strategies for its efficacy.

This plan will enable us to:
1. Continue expanding the philosophy of a responsive district.
2. Listen to the school community to assess the District's strengths and capabilities while identifying areas requiring growth.
3. Provide a five-year guide for key actions to take related to District priorities.
4. Communicate our vision and set of initiatives where we prioritize what matters most to our school community.

We are Legacy Makers
Our legacy is only as strong as our impact on scholars, which is a direct result of our actions. Our job is to support scholars in discovering and developing their passions and finding ways to contribute value to their school community and our world. This strategic plan serves as our compass for the next five years, ensuring our actions shape our impact and solidify our legacy. We look forward to sharing the progress with our community stakeholders.  You may download the Strategic Plan here.

The Strategic Planning Committee introduced the plan to the public and the Board of Education at the November 3, 2022 meeting. You can watch the presentation and download the document presented.  

Vea cómo el Comité de Planificación Estratégica presenta el plan en la reunión del 3 de noviembre de 2022